Guest Experience

The guest experience starts off with full transparency of what is required of this industry to remain open during this pandemic and how it will affect you as a client. 
During phase 2, we are not allowed to have self-serve beverages, snacks, and phone chargers. Feel free to bring your favorite non-alcoholic beverage with you or enjoy a cold bottled water or soda that we have available. Those 21+ we have cold beer, and Two Towns Cider as well. 
There is a one client per stylist in the salon at a time guideline. At this time we do not have a waiting area, and are not allowing any extra guests join you while you receive your service. Please read further into the "before your appointment" section for further instructions on what to do when you arrive for your scheduled appointment. 
Please leave all items you will not need during your service in your car or at home.
Before your appointment:
      You will receive a confirmation request via email/text message to confirm that day and time still works for you. *IN YOUR EMAIL* You will find a few questions attached to your confirmation email that is required by us to ask our clients in order to keep everyone safe and healthy. 
By clicking "confirm" you are agreeing to not have had any symptoms of Covid-19 in the last 48 hrs, been around anyone who has been exposed, or has had Covid-19.  
My health, my families health, and each of my clients health is dependent on your answers. I am doing everything in my power to do my part, I just ask you be truthful in return. 
     You will arrive to your appointment about 5 minutes early and wait in your car or outside the salon until I text you saying I am ready for you to come in. This allows me enough time in between appointments  to properly disinfect, sanitize, and properly prepare for your appointment. 
During your service:
     You will be asked to use hand sanitizer that is provided
or wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least
20 seconds.
    As of July 1, 2020 each person inside the salon must wear a
mask. Please be sure it secures behind your ears and not
behind your head. If you do not have the appropriate face
covering, I have some available. 
Feel free to bring a piece of minty gum or mints with you. This helps
feeling "stuffy" while wearing the mask.
     We will become a "pair" and avoid other "pairs" as much as possible to properly social distance within the salon.  
After your service: 
     Payment types preferred- debit or credit cards. If you must pay with cash, please bring exact amount or know, no change will be given.  
    My card processor/phone is properly disinfected in between each use and client. It is up to your discretion to have a credit/debit card held on file through the secure system. Not required, just know this is an option. 
    Hair products- please avoid touching products on the retail shelf. In order to keep all of our products properly disinfected I will pull the items you wish to take home with you. 
     It is encouraged to use hand sanitizer upon leaving the salon.
Doing my part-
     As a stylist, I am required to properly wear a medical face mask while in the salon. 
     I use a new, clean cape on each of my clients and a clean apron for myself for each client. 
     I use the appropriate disinfectants to properly clean all of my tools and equipment including my phone. Anything you and I touch gets cleaned, and disinfected. 
As always, If you have any questions or
concerns please email me at
If you would like to read a detailed description
on what  instructions were given for service
providers by the Sate of Oregon- click here